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  We build the ecosystem around a coalition of leading European tech companies, universities and governments. We accelerate diversity through analysing and benchmarking their standardized D&I data. We measure impact of tailored interventions, share these insights and tackle issues together at scale. We scale up our benchmarking to Europe, so we can widen our impact on diversity and inclusion on EU level.  



The digital industry is growing extremely fast and is more than ever driving force of the Dutch economy. However, to be able to sustain the growth more (tech) talent and more diverse perspectives are needed to grow digital companies and develop our products and services. There is a growing awareness around the importance of diversity and inclusion for companies, investors, governments and other stakeholders within the Dutch tech ecosystem. But many would benefit from measuring and identifying the impact of D&I to understand the steps that need to be taken. 

The ultimate goal is to create a Dutch tech ecosystem that is truly diverse and inclusive, fostering an environment where our companies can grow successful and where people from all backgrounds are being welcomed and appreciated. 



We have launched an annual Dutch D&I in digital benchmark in February 2022. We believe it all starts with using a data-driven approach to improve D&I within companies: because what isn’t measured isn’t managed! We are calling onto Dutch digital and tech companies to join the benchmark and share relevant D&I data to identify, measure and scale D&I efforts within the Dutch tech ecosystem and beyond.  

The data provided by participating companies allows us to create a unique anonymous and aggregated report on diversity and inclusion in the digital industry in the Netherlands. Each participating company receives an individual summary to benchmark their own progress against other groups of (anonymous) organisations (segmented by size, sub-sector, etc) and to understand and learn from what others are doing to drive progress.

We work at scale, addressing the Dutch digital and tech ecosystem as a whole to drive change, and supporting organisations to include and maximise participation from underrepresented groups.


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